Explore Masters Artists’ Work

Using virtual galleries, middle and upper school students are proudly displaying the colorful, innovative and powerful artworks they created over the course of the year.

*Desktop and laptop users should click the “Present” button in the top right to view the galleries in slideshow format.*

The middle school galleries include the all-division project Go With the Flow, during which students explored the elements of art and principles of design. The pieces also showcase students’ experiences related to their yearlong interdisciplinary projects, including the fifth grade puppet opera and the sixth grade study of the Hudson River. 

The seventh grade gallery highlights students’ study of one-point perspective drawing and graffiti-style letters. The eighth grade works focus on black-and-white photography and one- and two-point linear perspective drawing skills used to create the illusion of 3D space. “I hope students feel like they have learned ways to appreciate art and feel a connection to these art forms,” middle school art teacher Vicente Saavedra said.

In addition to the hard work that students put into their pieces, Department of Visual Arts Chair Cheryl Hajjar lauded the middle school faculty for finding a meaningful way to virtually present students’ art. “The middle school art instructors made every effort to put together an exhibit that shows off the skill development and creativity of each student participating in the show,” Hajjar said. 

Members of the Class of 2020 who have dedicated a significant portion of their time at Masters to the visual arts also submitted works to a senior art gallery. The Department of Visual Arts “invited the graduating artists to submit works that display their artistic voice along with their development in their craft during their years at Masters,” Hajjar explained. The works “represent dedication, passion, discipline and artistry, and we know that [the seniors] will take these attributes along with them as they move onto their next creative endeavors.”

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