Middle School Students Adorn Virtual Lockers

Perhaps one of the most beloved start-of-year practices for middle school students is organizing and decorating their lockers, when the somewhat dreary metal encasements are transformed into bold and colorful displays of personality.

Last week, students took the tradition virtual, bedecking digital lockers with personalized collages, school supplies and more. 

Associate Head of Upper School Lynn Salehi explained that a number of advisory groups decorated their digital spaces “as a way to honor this tradition and get to know each other better at the same time.” The virtual lockers included items that ranged from the necessary, like backpacks and binders, to the fanciful, such as disco balls. After completing the project, students took time to share with each other why they chose the items they did. 

In addition to providing an opportunity for students to be creative while getting to know each other, Salehi noted another added benefit of the exercise: “These lockers will stay tidy and beautiful all year long, unlike real ones!”

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