Middle School Students Recreate Campus on Minecraft 

In August, Associate Head of Middle School Lynn Salehi challenged a handful of students with a bold project: create a virtual version of the Middle School on Minecraft, a 3D sandbox video game that allows players a large amount of freedom and creativity in choosing how to play the game.

“They responded very enthusiastically,” recalled Salehi.

That enthusiasm translated into a stunning recreation of the Middle School, allowing new students to get a feel for their new surroundings before eventually returning to in-person learning. The students involved included Jimmy Fabian ’26, John Thorn ‘26, Jacob Resnick ’26 and Annika ’26.

“They started working right away and, according to Jimmy, had it finished in just a few (very long) days,” Salehi said.

Salehi praised the determined group’s ability to collaborate on the project. 

A video tour of the recreation can also be viewed here.

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