Upper School Students Discuss Voter Suppression 

Senior students in Colleen Roche’s political science class welcomed guest speaker and alumnus Jesse Wexler ’19 on Tuesday, September 30, and learned about Wexler’s work to fight against voter suppression.

Wexler works for the Colorado-based subsidiary of the Center for Common Ground and is currently focusing on a campaign titled Reclaim Our Vote. 

The Center for Common Ground is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, and the goal of its Reclaim Our Vote campaign is “to inform and mobilize voters of color to make sure they are registered and they know how to get a ballot and vote,” according to the organization’s website.

The students learned about states that have passed laws that make it harder for many citizens to cast a ballot. “Voter suppression is a serious issue, but one that many Americans do not know much about. Jesse’s work helping people in marginalized communities to participate in our democracy is so important. I am really proud of him!” Roche stated.

Roche’s students seemed equally inspired. “An inspiring cause, fighting for a healthy democracy and an educated country,” said Brian Johnke ’21.

“The voting process today is extremely nuanced, so it’s important to have people and organizations working to spread awareness and fight against voter suppression and misinformation,” added Russell Wohl ’21.

“It was a nice break in a polarized political climate for us to hear from a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that was just trying to expand suffrage rather than advocate for political agendas or for gain,” said Anthi Likitsakos ’21.

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