Costume Contest Unites All

The newly formed UNICEF Unite club wanted to bring students together on Halloween so they held a virtual costume contest on Friday, October 30 to raise money for UNICEF’s global humanitarian efforts. 

Co-chair Tara Phillips ’23 said they wanted to introduce the club to the Masters community in a positive and constructive way. “This is meant to be a fun, educational fundraising event,” said Phillips.

Each advisory in the Upper School will select the best costume in their group and submit a photo of their candidate along with a $10 donation. From there, the UNICEF Unite leaders will select one winner from each of the four grades. Those four winners will go to the next round with their respective advisories winning a bag of candy. A schoolwide email vote will determine the overall winner during the week of November 2.

Phillips and co-chairs, Ellie Yang ’23, Sander Peters ’22 and Lorelei McCarthy ’23, have already discussed future fundraising plans. Faculty advisor Andrew Lopez believes in this group’s power for good. “They are forces of nature. Their knowledge of UNICEF’s mission, passion and commitment to serve others are unparalleled in all my years at Masters,” said Lopez.

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