Masters Dancers Step Up

Members of the Masters Dance Company (MDC) found a way to bounce, leap and chasse՛ back into the spotlight during these challenging times. 

A fall dance video showcase shown at the Morning Meeting on Monday, November 9 was the culmination of a lot of hard work.

“This year the performance may be a bit different but they have adapted to circumstance and created works that address the current social climate in a variety of ways,” said MDC Director Shell Benjamin.  

The eight-minute video creatively featured in-person and remote dancers with choreography by Benjamin and her students Annie Fabian ’22, Jazmine Hudson ’21 and Mali Black ’22.

Black titled her piece “Fatigue.” “I used what I was feeling, which was fatigue at the time. Many have felt helpless and drained from the world around us and I used that to charge our movements,” she said.

Hudson used the song “Cranes in the Sky” by Solange for her dance “Heavy Hearts.”
“For me, dance is very much a way to cope with stress and release and empathize with others without using words. I wanted to create a piece where everything kind of flowed into one another and movement was very much a groove and kind of intimate.”

Fabian’s work was called “Living for the Thrill.” “It was definitely difficult to come together and choreograph under these circumstances but I’m so lucky to have such incredible dancers to work with and an inspirational director, Ms. Benjamin, to make it all possible.”

Benjamin spoke of everyone's resiliency. “Working and creating throughout this time has shed new light on the meaning of flexibility, adaptability and kindness as we have stepped into the unknown.”

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