Alumni Return to Share Diversity Experience

In its ongoing efforts to foster an anti-racist and anti-bias community, Masters welcomed back alumni, Hunter LaMar ’13 and Anita Rojas Carroll ’10, as consultants.

Director of Equity and Inclusion Karen Brown said, “It is so exciting to have Hunter and Anita return to Masters to work with our community. I have been so impressed with their depth of knowledge as it relates to diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice.” 

Rojas Carroll is a lawyer who deals in matters of racial justice and gender violence.“I was prepared both socially and academically for college at NYU and later law school at Fordham, and I believe Masters was essential to promoting my social consciousness.” she said. “I’m thrilled to be back and hope that I’m able to use my legal and activist expertise to introduce restorative practices to re-imagine Masters’ policies and procedures.”

After studying at the Berklee College of Music, LaMar has enjoyed success in the music industry as a composer and performer and has a strong background in the diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) field as a speaker and consultant. “I hope to collaborate with the on-campus DEI team and take actionable steps to create a campus where students of color not only feel safe, but feel empowered, loved and that they can and will thrive.”

LaMar’s love for the School and the ties he made remain strong to this day. “That is why I sought to lend my talents so that the community that helped me grow into who I am today can continue to grow,” LaMar said.

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