Student Photos Selected for Elite Exhibit

From more than 2000 submissions by more than 770 high school students across the country, four Masters students - Rachel Schwartz ’21, Charlie Cooper ’23, Niamh Fortuna’ 23, and Ava Bashew ’23 - had their photographs selected to be included in the annual Drexel University High School Photography Exhibition.

This year’s event is being held virtually.

“It is a very competitive contest and Drexel University has one of the top photography programs in the country,” said Upper School Visual Arts Teacher Rachel Langosch. “It’s a real honor to have their work showcased, I am a very proud teacher if you can’t tell!”

Fortuna’s photo was inspired by a “lost and found” assignment in class. “It has a blue tint and I intentionally added a grain to make the quality more vintage-looking," she said. “I love photography because it is so rewarding to reveal beauty in simple things.” 

Cooper’s photo of a dead tree washed up on a boneyard beach in Edisto Island, South Carolina just after sunrise, was taken in March 2019. “The constant flow of the Atlantic creates a dreamy environment that is just begging to be photographed,” he said.

Schwartz snapped her shot while at the Climate March in Manhattan in March 2019. “I brought my camera along with me to capture the spirit and environment of the people fighting for a better, greener future. While there, I was right at the front where the police were and captured this intense moment of them trying to control the rowdy crowd.”

Bashew took this photo of her friend, Mckenna, during a recent trip to upstate New York. “She is holding a crystal in her hands, looking directly into the camera and she is standing outside in the woods," explained Bashew. "There is a deep contrast between her red hair and the green trees surrounding her.” 

“I have seen how each of these students have grown over the past semester, and for some over the past four years, as they create work that is well thought out and carefully crafted,” added Langosch.

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