Masters Nurse on the Frontlines

As a campus nurse extraordinaire for the past four years, Tara Eng has served the Masters community with compassion and kindness. So it’s no surprise that when the campus closes for the weekend or remote learning, she has risen to the call of a global pandemic by volunteering on the frontlines.

“At the height of the pandemic last spring, I wanted to help. I became a nurse for a reason and during a time like this I wanted to be able to use my skills to have a positive impact on the community,” said Eng.

She has stepped up to help with COVID-19 testing and vaccination distribution throughout Westchester and Putnam counties as well as at locations in New York City. Director of Health Services Sue Adams said Eng is the best partner she could ask for on the campus health team. “She is so caring, intelligent and extremely organized,” said Adams. “Since the pandemic began, she has not hesitated to volunteer to assist our local health authorities with testing, contact tracing and giving vaccines because she cares so much about the community and helping us to get past this difficult time.” 

And how does Eng feel when Head of Upper School Peter Newcomb describes her benevolent ways as the perfect example of being a “power for good?” 

“There are so many other essential workers who are out there, on the frontlines, doing so much more. I am happy to be a small piece in the greater part of trying to fight this virus,” said Eng.

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