MISH Addresses Gun Violence Through Education

Raising awareness about the impact of gun violence in Brooklyn communities of color was the focus of a recent Morning Meeting held by MISH (Masters Interested in Sharing and Helping) on Friday, January 22.

“This year MISH is taking into account the Better Masters plan and trying to support more foundations from a wide breadth of perspectives,” Rachel Solomon ’21 said. “This includes a larger focus on organizations that support and are run by people of color.” 

Solomon, along with Logan Schiciano ’21 and Carly Grizzaffi ’21, invited guest speaker Nadine Sylvester of The Rohan Levy Foundation, to speak to the upper school community. Sylvester founded the organization in honor of her son, Rohan Levy, who died in 2017 at the age of 15 in a hail of bullets while walking with friends in his East Flatbush neighborhood.

Sylvester, a social worker by profession, reflected on her late son’s dreams of becoming an architect, and how the lack of resources affects her community, especially young Black men. The foundation’s mission of eradicating gun violence also includes providing mentorship and guidance through the Flatbush Leadership Academy.

“I was so impressed by Ms. Sylvester's courage and the passion that she displayed throughout her talk,” added Schiciano. “I hope that it inspired our community to get involved and support her incredible organization.”

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