Here’s to the Year of the Ox!

Happy Lunar New Year! It is time to say hello to the Year of the Ox that begins this year on Friday, February 12.

While celebrations are different this year because of the pandemic, the students from the International Club created a video to share with the Masters community about new year traditions, memories and meals they cherish.

“It was great to hear from many of our different students, abroad and in the United States, about how they will celebrate the holiday this year,” said Director of Global and Civic Exchange Robert Fish.“While we miss them, it is nice that many can spend this family holiday with their families.”

Club presidents Alex Wang ’21, Stellar Son ’21, Amy Meng ’21 and Yasmine Pascal ’21 said they wished everyone a wonderful new year ahead. “Stay safe and well, and spend some time with your families!”

A video on Lunar New Year produced by Masters' International Club:  

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