Newly Admitted Day Students Take In Masters During Visit Days

Middle and upper school classes recently included a number of new faces: students who were accepted to Masters for the 2021-2022 school year.

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The prospective day students were participating in Virtual Visit Day, an opportunity for them to experience Masters’ remote classes and Morning Meetings in action. 

“It was a very competitive year in admissions,” Director of Enrollment Management Emma Katznelson said. “We were fortunate to have a robust pool of smart, kind, talented students. These families really get Masters.” 

The newly admitted students spent the morning of Wednesday, March 3, in two classes and took part in the division’s respective Morning Meetings. In the Upper School, Morning Meeting included a talk from Rabbi Mara Young, and students in the Middle School's Morning Meeting learned about the women’s suffrage movement and took part in an exercise where they shared about the women in their lives who inspire them

“I was impressed that so many of our visiting students were eager to share with the group of over 200 of us about which women they admire,” Head of Middle School Tasha Elsbach said. “It’s clear that the students we have admitted are eager to be a part of our close-knit community, and that the remote experience didn’t stop many of them from feeling a connection.”

On Saturday, March 6, students and their families were invited to campus for a self-guided walking tour. While exploring the campus exteriors, the families used their smartphones to take virtual tours of the inside of the Fonseca Center; the newly opened, state-of-the-art library and digital resource center; the dorms; Masters Hall; the Middle School; and a number of other buildings. 

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“We had such a strong applicant pool, and it was nice to meet them in person,” Head of Upper School Peter Newcomb said. “Many of them had not been able to see campus prior to applying, so to have our current students and parent volunteers there to showcase it and to share their excitement for the School was wonderful.”

“Those who came on Saturday shared how impressed they were by our beautiful campus and facilities, as well as the welcoming and engaging community members they interacted with,” Katznelson noted. She shared that there was one bite-sized aspect of the tour that families were raving about: “How delicious the cookies from our dining hall are!”

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