MISH Auction Is a Win-Win

Move over, Christie’s. With a chance to bid on lots such as Dr. Dieck’s homemade butter cookies, an Hermes tie, and the chance to be upper school co-chair for the day, this week’s MISH online auction proved to be a winning fundraiser.

The auction was an idea first raised by sophomore MISH officer Giselle Meskin ’23 that left MISH co-chairs Logan Schiciano ’21, Mariano Russo ’21, Rachel Solomon ’21 and Carly Grizzaffi ’21 thrilled with the final results. “We raised $1,565 in total and are so thankful to the Masters' community for their generous contributions,” Grizzaffi said.  
Money raised will be donated to the Loveland Foundation, an organization that brings opportunity and access to healing for communities of color, especially to Black women and girls. “MISH has been dedicated to supporting POC-founded and run organizations,” Grizzaffi explained. “In one of our meetings, we came across the Loveland Foundation and were moved by their cause and all the wonderful work they do.”

The highest bid was for a tree planting and dedication won by Student Activities Coordinator and MISH team member Joe DiDonato for $250. He plans to dedicate the tree to the Class of 2020 which, because of the pandemic, didn’t have an in-person ceremony on Graduation Terrace, which is where he wants to plant it. “I just wanted to acknowledge that they didn’t get to walk their graduation and give them something more,” DiDonato said. “They were a special class, and I would’ve gone higher with the bidding if I had to.”

Other high bid items included a Dobbs 16 custom serenade won by upper school science teacher William Roberts for $100 and customized sneakers designed by Adam Bello ’24 and won by classmate Ethan Savage ’24 for $91.

Director of Residential Services and MISH Faculty Advisor Dena Torino was proud of the MISH group. “I’ve been really excited about this new and creative fundraising idea,” she said. “From their promotion of it to the execution, the students did a fantastic job of organizing and putting this auction together and we may turn it into an annual event!”

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