Earth Day Has a Positive EFFECT on Campus and Beyond

The Middle School’s EFFECT student leadership group really digs Earth Day. The students in the environmental sustainability group gathered this week to help start a vegetable garden for Children’s Village, a local nonprofit organization, by planting seeds for lettuce, cucumbers and bell peppers.

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According to middle school advisor Bruce Robbins, the club’s plan is to care for the plantings over the next six weeks then transplant the seedlings into the ground to grow delicious produce for the young residents of Children’s Village. 

Robbins added that the students “enjoyed being able to gather as an environmentally conscious group for this community outreach activity. This collaboration with Children’s Village was a great way to start off their celebration of Earth Day.”

Meanwhile, upper school members of EFFECT pitched in by spreading positive Earth Day messages with posters about the environment throughout campus. A spring clean-up of the School garden and grounds was postponed due to the high winds on Thursday.

Students in the Climate Change seminar are leading efforts to reboot the recycling efforts in the Dining Hall and will soon begin the challenging process. “We will be rallying students to bring water bottles instead of using the plastic bottles, to bring reusable utensils instead of single-use silverware, refuse the paper bag and bring a reusable one, and so on,” explained upper school advisor Courtney White. She added that “while it is late in the year, it is never too late.” 

And going green doesn’t end there for EFFECT.  Up next are some Arbor Day plantings on April 30 and, later this spring, plans for a beekeeping talk and demonstration with Director of Facilities Craig Dunne. Activities for an upcoming Green Week are also in the works.

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