Seniors Welcome In-Person Morning Meetings

It was time to rise and definitely shine the morning of Wednesday, April 21, as seniors made their way to the Claudia Boettcher Theatre for the first in-person Morning Meeting since March of 2020.

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With state guidelines now allowing for more group events to take place, Head of Upper School Peter Newcomb announced that seniors could attend Morning Meeting in person, masked and socially distanced. He shared: “It is great to have the co-chairs leading us from the podium and the seniors together for the last few weeks of their time with us before they officially become alums!”

For Dean of Students Jeff Carnevale, it has been a refreshing way to start the day: “The authentic energy seniors bring to Morning Meeting, and the support they show to presenters and speakers has helped us, as a community, begin to feel some vestiges of traditional Masters’ moments.”
Student Government co-chair Caio Lanes ’21 explained that, to him, meeting in person demonstrated the community's resilience over the past year. “The return of in-person Morning Meeting symbolizes how this community has persevered through a global pandemic, and as co-chair, I couldn't be happier about returning to the Claudia Boettcher Theatre, albeit in a limited form.”

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