Designing a Green Space for All

With its 96 acres, The Masters School campus has provided plenty of inspiration for ninth and tenth grade architecture students as they design imagined outdoor campus parks. 

After surveying a spot on campus and taking photos, students in Stephanie Mestyan and Luke Wilde’s class began their sketches and layout. Detailed plans with landscaping and materials were then considered before they created small-scale, 3D versions of the parks.

Wilde has been impressed with the various approaches: “It has been a fun challenge for the students to get creative within the restrictions that they put upon themselves. They were free to choose the location on campus and then they had to problem solve how they would plan a park within the space they have given themselves.” 

“This project reignited my love for remodeling and design,” Kuorkor Ashie ’23 said. “I enjoyed taking a space that I utilize every day and making it even more functional and aesthetically pleasing.” 

Clara Nalle ’24, whose park was located on the hill above Reunion Field, was inspired by the hills on campus. “I designed a platform that fits into hills,” Nalle explained. “I added two benches, potted plants and a swing. Every platform is slightly different based on the location of the platform and the number of trees.”

As part of their assigned real-world architecture experience, students are preparing to present their proposals to “potential clients” Head of School Laura Danforth and Head of Upper School Peter Newcomb. Visual Arts Chair Cheryl Hajjar remarked “It is especially provocative to see how students are balancing fantasy with the reality of space, climate, pre-existing structures and terrain. Giving students real problems to solve in the arts is always a great motivator.” 

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