Nothing But Net for Middle School MISH

For the members of the Middle School’s MISH (Masters Interested in Sharing and Helping) Club, the idea was simple: raise awareness and funds for an important cause by getting students together for a fun and friendly basketball competition. Their plan worked.

On Tuesday, June 1, co-chairs Jordan Lee ’25, Sam Benson ’25, Taylor Marlowe ’25 and MISH members set out to build community among students with a basketball game of Knockout and a snack sale to raise money for Feeding Westchester, a local organization that fights against hunger in the county. The group raised close to $350, and out of dozens of participants, eighth grader Maywin Young was declared the Knockout winner.

Faculty advisor Jennifer Rathkopf said students “wanted to do something to get students in the same space, having fun, while also following the necessary social distancing rules.” 

Students researched food insecurity in the region and presented a video about Feeding Westchester at their Morning Meeting. “The pandemic increased the number of food-insecure people in Westchester, so we wanted to do something to meet those needs,” Rathkopf added.

Lee explained the desire to address this issue now because the hardship for food insecure households increases during the warmer months. ”Since June is near the end of the year, we wanted to raise money that could perhaps help Feeding Westchester over the summer.”

Lee and her fellow co-chairs graduate from the Middle School next week, but she is confident that next year, the club will “continue to do great things and help others.”

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