Middle Schoolers Take Over the CBT

The sounds of cheers and applause filled the Claudia Boettcher Theatre (CBT) as the Middle School Fall Talent Show made its triumphant return to campus on November 19.

From the beautiful opening number by Middle School Orchestra members Erez Erkal ’26, Ella Liu ’27, Phin Savage ’27, Abby Spies ’28 and Mia Steinwurtzel ’26 to the rousing Ozzy Osbourne closing number by Rose Manzano ’26, Jacob Resnick ’26, John Thorn ’26 and Milo Wallach ’26, the talent show featured 43 multi-talented students who participated. 

It was “such a joy to bring back the first Middle School Talent Show in two years!” said Katie Meadows, the talent show director and middle school performing arts coordinator. “The student performers were so courageous, and I was proud of how supportive and kind our middle school student and parent audience was as well.”

Rockers, singers, musicians and MastersSingers rounded out a program that included songs by Adele, Oasis and Lin-Manuel Miranda. Graceful dancers moved to original choreography, and a magician had a few card tricks up her sleeve. 

Ellie Weisholz-Ditchfield ’28, who was part of a trio that performed “Scars To Your Beautiful” by Alessia Cara said, “I was really excited and nervous, but having my friends with me made it a lot better.”

The big finale — a “super-secret mystery performance” — was a lively, spot-on rendition of Queen’s “We Are The Champions” by rock star faculty members Jason Reiff, Sam Appiah ’12, Mary Chappell, Stephen Hildreth, Vicente Saavedra and John-Alec Raubeson. 

Seventh grader Rory Greenfield, who sang “Dear Theodosia” from “Hamilton,” enjoyed seeing the teachers rock out: “It was such a weird and different way to see them compared to how I normally do.”

Jen Carnevale, chair of the Department of Performing Arts, was not alone in expressing excitement that the show “brought back one of the heartbeats of middle school culture. Students supported each other and played, danced, sang and made human pyramids with their might!”

Meadows looks forward to more of this collaborative energy in the days to come. “The performing arts build community, and this is something we have all been craving and missing in our lives,” she said. “This talent show provided space for sharing and meaningful connection.”

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