“Matilda” Rehearsals Are In Full Swing

Come March, the Claudia Boettcher Theatre will be alive with the sounds of the middle school musical production of “Matilda.”

The award-winning musical is based on Roald Dahl’s novel about a brave young girl who takes a stand and changes her destiny.

Under the direction of Jason Reiff and musical director Katie Meadows, 24 seventh and eighth grade students have been busy singing and dancing during daily rehearsals. Rose Manzano ’26, who stars as Matilda, said her favorite number is the energetic "Revolting Children" because “it is an upbeat song about kids in the school revolting against the evil headmistress.”

Claudia Glenne Gelblum ’26, who plays Matilda’s mother, Mrs. Wormwood, summed it up best: “This is an inspiring story that anyone can connect to. Young kids along with adults face their fears and come together to face the biggest bully they have ever met.”

What has emerged from the rehearsals – in addition to capturing the energy of the dance numbers and the catchy songs – is the strong camaraderie among cast members. Manzano enjoys collaborating with fellow students and “having fun while working hard.” Gelblum added, “You can always go to a voice or dance captain to stay up to speed and practice lines with friends.”

“It’s wonderful watching students work to cultivate a mutually respectful creative environment in which to form new friendships while learning and supporting one another,” Reiff observed. 

That community spirit makes “Matilda” a must-see, according to Reiff. “It overflows with absurdity, heart and enough energy and passion to test the strength of the rafters in the CBT on March 10.”