Making News for Making a Difference 

Eight months after The Messenger profiled the Friends4Frontlines initiative, the ongoing efforts of its founders are drawing national attention.

Christopher Barnaby ’22 and two of his grade school friends, John Prince and Shane Daughtry, appeared on ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Saturday, December 24, speaking about their pandemic relief work by raising money to bring meals to local healthcare workers.

Just as the interview was ending, the anchors presented Friends4Frontlines with a check for $5,000 from Cottonelle.

“It was a surprise because they didn't tell us beforehand,” Barnaby said. “We're all extremely thankful and we will put it to use by expanding our efforts and delivering more lunches to hospitals from more local restaurants.”

Donations to a GoFundMe account have benefited those working at five area hospitals: White Plains Hospital, Westchester Medical Center, Phelps Hospital, Burke Rehabilitation Hospital, and Blythedale Children’s Hospital. 

“In total last year, we raised $15,000 from donations from our friends, family, and those who wanted to help any way they could,” he said. 

“Christopher is incredibly kind, modest and humble. He has a genuine care for others without seeking attention for himself,” said Courtney White, Barnaby’s faculty advisor. “His awareness of others’ needs and his own actions exemplify the kind of compassion the world needs right now. He is truly 'a power for good.'”

Barnaby said the most rewarding part has been the thank you notes and pictures sent by the nurses and doctors. “Being able to give them thanks and let them know that their sacrifice isn't being forgotten is one of the main reasons why I'm doing this.”  

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